Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Who should I be selling to?

Who your target market is will have some influence on what you actually design. If your target market is teens and young adults into Goth, you shouldn't be designing jewelry that is delicate and full of bright colors. If your target is 25 to 40 year old moms because you are going to be doing mostly home shows and local crafts fairs then you want you designs to be affordable and also offer items that will appeal to them - like a mother's pendent or classic earrings that they can wear to a soccer game and out to dinner.
Because I live in a vacation/resort community I felt my target market should be 30 to 60 year old professional women who may live here or be visiting, works full time and wants pieces that they can wear to work and out to dinner or out and about on the weekend. The have some money to spend but are not high fashion jewelry shoppers (with the huge price tag that kind of jewelry demands) but rather bridge jewelry wearers - jewelry of mostly precious metal and semi-precious stones or high quality crystal. I also need to offer some designs that are reflective of the Cape to appeal to visitors and even residence that want something that represents the Cape to them.
I was already doing designs for friends and craft events that included wire wrapped beach glass. To me it was very symbolic of the Cape and I loved the look, but it was a little too organic (aka crunchy). I spent 2 months of my summer researching what was available for venues to sell jewelry in and I spent time looking at what other beach glass jewelry was out there. The items I saw at stores and galleries all remind me of boxes from the bakery wrapped in string. The designs seems more organic then even what I was doing. Looking at who I wanted to market to - I could not imagine a professional woman wearing one of these types of beach glass pieces. They seemed more for a younger client. If I had not determined who my target market was, I might not have realized I needed to search for a different way to design the beach glass pieces.
In searching for a more stylish way to wrap beach glass I found a great tutorial on wrapping stones that I thought would work. I did a prototype and started wearing it around. People LOVED it! When I went to a craft show and a well established wire wrap artist here complimented my work and started examining it a little TOO closely I knew I had found something that might work. I have made a few pieces and to do a little market research I took pictures of some of my work including the wire wrapped beach glass and every one I have shown them to have made more comments about the beach glass then most of the other pieces. I think I might have a hit but we will see.
So who is your target market? What kind of pieces would they want to buy? What is the best venue for selling your work to these clients?

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