Saturday, March 22, 2008

Trying Karen's Design Exercises

My post of March 10 had a wonderful series of design exercises from Karen Christians of Cleverwerx and the founder of Metalwerx here in MA. Karen posted this exercise in response to a member's question on Orchard (part of the Ganoksin Project) about what steps to take to learn jewelry design. Earlier this week my friend Betsy was off for the week from teaching and tutoring at the college so we decide to go play one day (Betsy also happens to be the owner of my web site hosting company We headed up to Turo, MA (almost to P-town) to go to The Atlantic Spice Co. ( which for all our years here on the Cape, we had never gone to visit. It was a beautiful sunny March day so I printed off the exercise and told Betsy to bring her camera.

After a heavenly hour sniffing, looking and poking around the spice company's store, we refreshed ourselves with some dried apricots from there and headed north on 6A towards P-town. 6A in that area is were you find all the wonderful beach cottages and old houses on the bay. We stopped at the same places and looked at the same scenes but our results were so totally different. I had decided to focus on textures and general design images and Betsy was focusing on shadows and general design. Betsy is a painter, mostly water colors, but enjoys dabbling in other arts and crafts.

I wanted to share with you our two sets of pictures so you could see just how two different people looking at the same thing two different ways can come up with two different sets of photos. Betsy photos - and my photos

I can't wait to do more of Karen's exercises and post photos in my journal to start using them for design. If you decide to try this photo exercise and would like to share your pictures please email me with the URL for your photo site or post it in the comments section.


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