Saturday, April 26, 2008

Artists Foundation Survey - Stand Up and Be Counted

Short post today - but very important, especially for MA artists. The Artist Foundation in MA is currently running a survey for all artists (full-time, part-time and "hobby" artists). The survey is called "Stand Up and Be Counted" and is going to be used to show the state legislators that we are a constituency to be recognized. It is modeled on the 2007Minnesota "Artists Count" survey. To take this survey (only takes a few minutes) go to There is an optional section on your 2006 reported income but you are in no way obligated to complete that section. They also break it up into sections so if you only have time to fill in section one your survey still counts!If you are not from MA you might want to look at this survey and push your state's arts organization to conduct a similar survey.


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