Thursday, May 22, 2008

Inspiring pictures of the Kalash Tride

The Kalash tribe is an indigenous tribe of Pakistan that has kept their old ways and their polytheistic religion. I came across some amazing pictures of them and find the colors they use, their adornment - especially the women's jewelry and dresses - were inspiring. Here is a link to information regarding them The pictures came from a blog on citizen sugar but I saw no citation or acknowledgement of the photographer. I will continue to look for whose pictures they are and note that here when I do.

I am thinking that creating necklaces inspired by these amazing beaded necklaces - albeit with a Cape Cod twist to them - is a great way to go. With some of the new things I have learned from my PMC class I think that this all can be combined into something very unique and wonderful. I love the layer upon layer of twisted beads that end up looking almost like a collar. The colors used in the trims of their skirts, tops and hats are so vibrant. They remind me of the colors of a Cape sunset. I will show you what I come up with when they are ready.

In the mean time - enjoy some of these pictures and see what they inspire in you!
- Gale

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