Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A month of adventure

I only wish it had been artistic adventure . . . my Dad went into the hospital and was diagnosed with Parkinson's. It's taken up some time in my life but these last few days I have started to take some time back for me.

I have started reading Randy Pausch's book "The Last Lecture" in honor of his passing last Friday (see I took it down to the beach and ready chapters in between soaking in the sounds of the surf, the children playing and the gulls calling. The book is a wonderful addition to his lecture and I know I must take his lessons and use them to get around, over or through the brick walls that I am placing in front of me. I have to ask of my different dreams how badly do I want this and how do I obtain those dreams without allowing the brick walls to stop me.

For two days running I have seen a beautiful monarch butterfly flitting about the beach. It's a sight that seemed so unexpected but it has given me an idea for a piece of jewelry. I have to make myself sit down at the table and do it. I have really started forming more concrete ideas on jewelry that are completely beach themed, separate from my beach glass work. I also looked at the storm fence and beach grass growing on the edge of the beach and thought there had to be something that can come from those wonderful images too. All it took was looking up from my reading and really taking in the moment I was in to see things that inspire me to create.

Are you in the moment?


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