Monday, March 30, 2009

Artists as a political power

I'm not talking about how your art can make a political statement, but rather how artists can have political power by speaking up and letting your government know what you think.

I went to a great working artists symposium on Friday at CCCC and one of the speakers was from The Artists Foundation/Artists Under the Dome. They helped sponsor the Stand Up and Be Counted survey last year which surveyed the artists of MA (see my April 2008 post for the details of the survey). They had over 3000 respondent's!!! The MN survey this was modeled on got just over 1000 respondent. One thing they have learned is that over 80% of the artists responding said they ALWAYS vote. This information is going to make the politicians for MA sit up and take notice. The survey details will be out in the next month or so and I will post more when it comes out.

Also, fascinating at this symposium was the work CCCC adjunct faculty Philippe Lejeune was doing on the Internet using the web as an art medium. Check out his web site at to see some of his work. One of the most interesting sites he talked about was seesmic which is like twitter meets web cam. Its wonderful to see the web move beyond just the information exchange we think of now.

Here are some good sites to check out: The Artists Foundation (Boston) , The Arts Foundation of Cape Cod , Massachusetts Advocates for the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities , Artists Under the Dome

Hope this gets your mind working . . .