Sunday, May 31, 2009

Adventures in creativity

Time got away from me again for a lot of reasons. Currently I am working on a commissioned work for a friend to give to a teacher who is retiring. She wanted a pin (as she is giving some other teachers some other pins I make) but this needs to look like a book. I am creating one as an open book and this has managed to be a major challenge. The book design is an open book and I am trying to reduce the silver quantity to make the price in line with the other pins - so it is a hollow shape. If this was a bead - piece of cake - but as a closed shape for a pin it has really challenged me to solve issue like keeping the shape from collapsing during firing without leaving the burnt forming material from being trapped inside. As I usually do pins as a double firing to fire the argentium pin back in place and not cause issues with the pin shape - I decided to create the book in two pieces. The first firing is complete and now the REAL challenge comes to get this all to come together, finished and sent off to NH before the end of the week. YIKES. The rendering for the pin is the picture above. I'll post my results later.