Saturday, October 24, 2009

Looking for inspiration?

To try to get re-inspired after this summer, I did two things to feed my artistic soul. I will discuss the first one I did here and then blog about the other in a few days (don't you just love being teased?).

I took a very interesting live online 90 minute class offered through Alison Lee's Craftcast - "Design: A Blow By Blow Approach with Tim McCreight". Now those that know me also know that I think Tim McCreight is a god. He is one of the original goldsmith/jewelry artists to work with PMC and he is also a major name in metalsmithing education, having written Complete Metalsmith which is available as a student edition, a professional edition and a ProPlus edition. This is the bench "bible" for most metalsmiths. The online class was a master class - which I am not - but as it was a design class and not a techniques class I figured with my art background I could at least keep up with the concepts. The other participants included names of metalsmiths I have heard of and seen their work in jewelry magazines (thank goodness there were no live mikes for us students so I could hide in the webinar masses).

Tim discussed how he was rethinking how he was creating metal work by moving back to a more basic organic approach to metalsmithing. He was using the hammer, chisel and punch to create his work (no saws, no fancy tools, not even anything more then hand polishing). He was allowing the process to dictate the design and having the experiments show him what the final design would be instead of envisioning a design and then trying to recreate that in metal. He said that we (artists) need to "provide an environment where the magic is allowed to show." How often do we do that for ourselves? So my mission over these next few weeks - give myself the environment to allow the magic to show.

- Gale
Note: I know I promised a few months ago to post the final picture of the book pin I created for a commision. I have not forgotten, just need to download the final picture and I will post it under new works.

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