Monday, November 30, 2009

Promises kept and new projects

Back in March I was working on a commissioned project for a friend to give to one of her daughters’ teachers who had made the youngest daughter love to read. This project was a pin that needed to look like a book. I had hoped to be able to also use this project to join a challenge on an online group that was a “from design to finished project” challenge. I posted my design picture here (here it is again to remind you) with the promise to post the finished pin. Well the pin was a challenge all by itself! Trying to make a hollow form in PMC that would not collapse on itself as the organic matter burned off had me doing a lot of mental gymnastics. In the end, I decided to fire the piece in two pieces, using paper clay to support the shape at the firing and then firing a separate time to join the top of the book to the base and the pin back to the base as well. I think the results came out pretty good – no idea how the teacher liked it or if she wears it . . . hard to know what happens to my jewelry that is given as gifts. So here is the finished pin. What do you think?

I also had my first home party this weekend. It was a lot of fun and several of my friends made a good dent in their Christmas shopping. One of my items - Modern Holly earrings – was such a hit that I had to take orders to make more. The orders are well under way plus some extras for more potential orders. Check them out (click on image for larger image and to purchase).  There is a wonderful pendent that matches too! Free Image Hosting at

Off to finish up on the earring orders plus work on a fun charm bracelet I had started and never finished in time for the home party.
Gale R

12/8/09 Updated to new picture of Modern Holly Berry earrings - better photo

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